Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look slim in Salwar Kameez

Indians are more or less pear shaped. If you are not, then may be you are top heavy. If you are not that too, well , Lucky you !! I have tried dieting, gymming, yoga, but I always fall short of dedication. I just cannot seem to shed those extra kilos from that particular section.
And losing that weight from that section is surely not an easy task. Burning fat from that area surely will make you cringe. Ouch !!! the thought hurts!!
So what to do? Well when we cannot lose it, hide it :D I know this is not rocket science. And surely you are not reading this blog for something you know..Well sweetheart, I think you are. What I am going to tell you in this blog is something you already know, but haven’t been following for a reason GOD ONLY KNOWS.
I am simply going to put some facts which you can use for ready reference by taking a printout :) Please ensure you remember the follwing before you go on shopping again


1) Avoid a Patiala.Period.
2)Keep your dress fitting as straight as possible. If you keep the top section tight, it outlines ur bottom and makes u look bottom heavy.
3) Do not wrap your duppata around ur neck. It only accentuates the small of your neck against your heavy bottom.
4) Churidar is always the best option.
5) If you are wearing leggings, avoid satin. Especially if you have slits in your kameez which show your thigh sides.
6) Do not wear purses with long straps. Especially the one which end at your lower waist. The whole idea is to avoid attention to that zone.
7) Wear dark bottomed clothes. If you like light colors, pick bicolor, or multicolored salwar kameez and try keeping light colors at the top.
8) Try and keep your kameez at least till your knee length.

1) Avoid big necks. Keep the neck area as small as possible. You can also wear standing collar kameez.This will accentuate ur small neck.
2) Avoid necklaces and chains which end at your top heavy section. instead go for those close to ur neck or go till stomach. Anything in between is a NO NO.
3)Avoid heavy work in the top in the kameez.
4)Long purses for u all or stick to clutches
5) No Churidar. Period :D
6) If you have flabby arms along with being top heavy, avoid sleeveless. If you want, you can experiment with having net sleeves.
All above things said and done, I want you to remember, that ultimately its your personality and self confidence which makes head turn.

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